Insight Laser Artifact Evaluation

“Where The Past Meets The Present”


After several years of collecting reliable samples and the necessary data Insight can now test shell tempered Native American pottery accurately [95% - 98%] and at a fraction of the cost of destructive thermal luminescence testing which cost on average $500.00 per test and may take weeks for the results to be determined and conveyed back to the owner. TL testing may also have an accuracy rate as low as 40% depending upon the circumstances involved.

Pottery Figure 1 Pottery Figure 2 Pottery Figure 3

Our method is completely non-destructive, very reliable, cost effective and turn around time is days not weeks. The pottery items pictured on this page come from impeccable sources and are just some of the materials which were used to construct a reliable data base of materials. Pottery samples from the Feurt site were also utilized in this process.

Our turn around time is typically 2-3 days depending on the number of items being tested. The cost is $100.00 per item plus shipping. This is a very reasonable expense when compared with other methods.

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We are very excited to offer this service and sincerely hope that you will take advantage soon to protect your collecting investment.

Brian & Carol Williard
PS: Thank you to all those involved in making this possible!