Insight Laser Artifact Evaluation

“Where The Past Meets The Present”

Mailing Information

Please call (740) 509-3842 or e-mail: or before shipping any items to us. When mailing: please wrap each piece individually if 2 or more items are mailed together. Please include your name, return address, and phone number inside the box with the artifact(s).

The way the item is sent to us is the way it will be returned. If you send an item insured we will return it insured. Just let us know how much you want it insured for and be sure to include the cost of return shipping and insurance along with the price of the testing that you choose.

Send artifacts to: INSIGHT 830 S. 2nd St. PMB 102 Coshocton, OH 43812

(Please remember to make all payments payable to: Carol Williard) ALL RESULTS ARE CONFIDENTIAL

E-Mail: or
or call (740) 509-3842