Insight Laser Artifact Evaluation

“Where The Past Meets The Present”

Certificate of Authenticity

All certificates will be issued on premium photo paper and are laminated for protection and easy storage. Each certificate is stamped with an embossed notary style seal.
A copy of every certificate will be kept on file

Pricing (plus return shipping):

Flint items $15 each
Hardstone items $15 each
Pottery $100 per item.
If the item(s) is found to be authentic then a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) will be issued. A 2 page COA that will include (2) full color professional pictures of your artifact (showing both sides of the artifact) on the first page; and the second page will contain the actual laser graph of your artifact depicting the test results with space provided for personal notes of the owner.

Forms of Payment:
Personal check, Cashier's check, Postal money order, or PayPal.

NOTE: All items will be microscopically examined prior to laser testing, if metals of any type are found according to my criteria no certificate will be issued and no further testing will be conducted. Testing with the laser involves collecting multiple readings to acquire an average reading for the item being tested, this is a time consuming process. The microscopic examination is part of the evaluation process and our $15.00 fee will apply. This approach is being used in order to weed out re-chipped items as well as items which may be modern. The only exception to this criteria would be an obvious plow ding on an item with authentic deposits present and then being subjected to laser testing with the results being found as authentic. Our determination would read [ Metals found, no testing conducted, certificate status rejected]

Certificate of Authenticity Small Image